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How to Choose A Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth speakers are great for urban cyclists and beach-goers, but there are too many other options to choose from. How to choose a suitable one available for all occasions, including in your dorm room, at your new home, or in your old car's stereo system is hard to decide. In this Bluetooth speaker guide, let's talk about some points worth considering.


When choosing the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker, weight is an important consideration. Portable speakers that weigh more than 3kg can make them less suitable for outdoor use. The Zamkol ZK series waterproof Bluetooth speakers are as lightweight as possible, with the heaviest speaker at 480g. Zankel speakers are there for you whether you are out on the water, biking off-road, or exploring the wilderness. Its compact size and portability make it easy to be carried with.


You want your waterproof Bluetooth speaker to last as long as possible if you plan to listen to music outdoors, such as at a picnic, swimming event, or party. A standard USB charging port can be a great convenience, especially if you aren't carrying the bundled cable. Nowadays, most speakers use a Micro-USB port. This allows them to be charged with power banks if they aren't near a wall socket. Zamkol ZK series Ultra-compatible charging that charges in as little as 4 hours and it has a minimum of 12 hours of playtime.


If you want your portable waterproof speaker to entertain you and your friends while you enjoy long walks or trips to the beach, sound quality is essential. For this purpose, you will need a high-performance speaker to deliver powerful music outdoors.

The Zamkol Bluetooth speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that features dual precision drivers, a passive radiator, and Stereo-widening, DSP audio technology. It delivers a loud volume and stereophonic sound quality of 360deg. These speakers pump HD sound and enhanced bass from all directions. Best choice!


Bluetooth version determines how audio is transmitted and how far you can keep your phone from the speaker. Bluetooth 4 or higher is the best option. This version supports a Low Energy profile for longer battery life. It's approximately 60 meters. Bluetooth 5 is the most recent standard. However, speakers are still not likely to adopt this standard.


Although technically no electronic device is completely waterproof, enough time and depth will ensure that any speaker fails. However, some Bluetooth speakers are more durable than others. IPX4 is the standard rating for water resistance. Anything IPX7 and above can withstand submersion to varying degrees. Waterproof means you can listen effortlessly in any setting, perfect for showering, by the pool or on the beach, or even in the rain. Rain or shine to see the world.


The initial setup of most Bluetooth speakers is very simple, while the setup of WiFi speakers and multi-room systems is a bit more complicated. Whether it is Bluetooth or wifi speakers, they are rarely equipped with remote controls. Your mobile phone acts as a remote control, playing, pausing, and volume control can all be done through the mobile phone. Many speakers have only a few buttons, and more functions can be achieved through the app. A good app is easy to use, guides you step by step, and you can set it up soon. And the design of some apps is complicated, making people more and more troublesome.



Many outlets sell a wide range of Bluetooth speakers. Some can be very affordable, while others can be extremely expensive. It all depends on what you need. If you are traveling, you'll be able to leave the expensive one behind. It should be much easier to find the Bluetooth speaker that best suits your listening preferences once you have these guidelines.

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